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Founded in 2011, Pooch & Tabby Pet Accessories was started after not being able to find a collar for my handsome puppy, Timbit. Everything was either a boring solid colour or pink with hearts. The mass-produced collar just didn’t suit my pup’s personality or his needs. Combining 25 years of sewing experience and a love of being crafty, I made my first collar.




Today, specializing in collars, leashes, bow ties and collar flowers, Pooch & Tabby only uses the best materials available and purchases most of our raw materials from Canadian suppliers. Customizing many of my products to suit your pet’s needs based on their personality, size, age, breed and more is at the heart of what this shop is about. Making sure your pet has the product that is right for them, is key.



In 2018, Pooch & Tabby was selected as the only pet accessories company, from all the Canadian pet businesses on Etsy, to be a part of Etsy Canada's first ever Holiday Collection in partnership with celebrity influencer Jillian Harris.

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