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Meet Our Models

We love featuring our customers on our website headings and in listings! If you have a great picture of your dog or cat in their Pooch & Tabby finery, please free to contact us and we can possibly feature your pet and credit to your socials in the listing or here if your picture is used as a header.

A dog wearing a dog collar and bow

Meet Edith!

Edith and her mom took some beautiful pics for us in the past for our socials and we're happy to be able to finally feature them now on the website too! For more on Edith you can check out her Instagram page ❤

Meet Aero & Xenon!

These puppers are living their best life and taking amazing photos along the way. Check out their Instagram pages for their top notch content  - both have great personalities that make them fun to follow. ❤


Two small dogs wearing floral collars
A dog wearing a collar looking away in the distance

Meet Nora!

This beautiful pup takes some equally beautiful pics! Check out her Instagram for her living her best life to the fullest ❤

Meet Pip and Poppy!

These two sweethearts did some photoshoots for us and they are absolutely stunning. Although they aren't on the socials, kudos to mom Andrea for the time and effort in taking their photos. ❤

Photography credit: Andrea Lauder-Stewart

A grey cat looking at the camera
a cat looking at the camera
Two sphynx cats wearing velvet cat collars

Meet Chicken & Waffle!

These two kitties are full of personality and a fun follow! They did some pics for us for in our velvet collars, which they show off so beautifully. Check out their Instagram for their daily sibling antics and brotherly love. ❤

Meet Tannis!

Tannis and I had a special relationship and so I have decided to feature her for my website launch, as she passed this year. Her pup parents always supported me, my pup, and my shop and she wore my collars and accessories from the start. She was just the sweetest girl with a big personality to match. She is missed.❤

A large dog wearing a dog collar in the park
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